The Little Grey Men Quiz

How well do you know ‘The Little Grey Men’?

You will know from a recent news item that we’ve just re-read BB’s award-winning children’s story ‘The Little Grey Men’ – an enchanting tale of the last four gnomes living in England.

We promised you a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the book, so here goes!

  1. What are the names of the four gnomes?
  2. What is a Bub’m?
  3. Is the gnomes’ squirrel friend a red squirrel or a grey squirrel?
  4. What bird was known as the Chinaman?
  5. Can you name three of the gnomes’ friends?
  6. Can you name three of the gnomes’ enemies?
  7. What is the name of the wood where no birds sing?
  8. Who is Ben?
  9. What is ‘The Dragonfly’?
  10. What are the Hounds of Heaven?

Good luck – answers to follow shortly!!