Praise for BB’s 1922 Diary and Sketchbook

Here’s what readers are saying about our latest BB book :


BB’s Diary and Sketchbook 1922 is a cracking book. It makes fascinating reading. A quality volume, no doubt about it! Will you be publishing other ‘BB ‘ year diaries? I really hope so.”

“Just to let you know I have received the diary and it looks lovely. It is very nice to hold – anything bigger would have taken away the feeling of it being a diary. I am looking forward to reading it.”

“I am absolutely delighted with my copy of BB’s 1922 diary, the book is wonderfully produced, a real treasure.”

“I found BB’s diary delightful. It’s interesting to have an insight into the world of a young man who was just starting out in life and went onto become a famous author and artist. It’s a must for any lover of BB books to own and cherish.”