How well do you know your butterflies?

If like us you love butterflies, we thought you’d enjoy taking part in our latest fun quiz. Have a go at the following 20 questions – answers to follow later this week.

  1. What is the main larval food plant of the Purple Emperor?
  2. What is an imago?
  3. What are sun-loving butterflies called?
  4. What is the main larval food plant of the Silver-washed Fritillary?
  5. What is the main distinguishing feature between an Essex Skipper and a Small Skipper?
  6. What North American migrant butterfly are we most likely to see in the UK?
  7. What is the scientific name for the Purple Emperor?
  8. What time of year are you most likely to see Purple Emperor butterflies on the wing?
  9. What are the two main larval food plants of the Holly Blue?
  10. Which of Worcestershire’s rarest and most attractive butterflies is also one of the latest species to emerge in the British Isles?
  11. What is Britain’s largest native Butterfly?
  12. How many broods a year does the Purple Emperor have?
  13. Chequered Skippers have been extinct in England since the 1970s but have been rediscovered elsewhere in the UK. Where?
  14. One of the Heath Fritillary’s strongholds is in Kent. Can you name the site?
  15. Which butterfly is known as the harbinger of spring?
  16. What are the four glacial relic species regularly found in Britain?
  17. What is the main difference between the male and female Orangetip butterfly?
  18. Name three of Britain’s fastest declining butterflies?
  19. What are the main larval food plants of the Duke of Burgundy?
  20. Where in the British Isles are you most likely to see a Glanville Fritillary?