‘Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ delights its readers


Thank you to everyone who’s purchased a copy of BB’s ‘last’ book, ‘Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ – we’re delighted it’s been so well received. We would like to share with you a few of the plaudits we’ve received from the extended family of BB enthusiasts:-

“Thank you for the lovely book. It currently sits on my desk and I dip into it as the mood takes. I think BB’s writing is timeless in that the atmosphere and the feelings he invokes are so real. I no longer shoot with a gun but I so use a camera and there is nothing quite like that solitude and stillness just before daybreak that BB describes so well.”

“The book arrived today. It is beautiful and my husband will be thrilled. I was brought up on BB stories by my father and live near The Solway.”

“‘Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ as with ‘Tide’s Ending’ transports one into the solitude of wild places where cold and wet lands hold no barrier or deterrent to the quiet wildfowlers who enjoyed a fruitless night as much as a successful one.The magic was always in the isolated places, the wildlife, the watching, studying and just being that close to nature. It is a record of life that is gone and gives an insight into a way of life that few of us could ever have contemplated.”