BB’s Butterflies – what you think!

We’re getting some lovely comments about our new book ‘BB’s Butterflies’ which we wanted to share with you. Here’s a selection of the latest ones…

A fascinating and delightful book – I look forward very much to reading it. - Sir David Attenborough

The book arrived today. It is beautiful and I know my husband will enjoy it when he receives if for Christmas.

What a delightful book. It sits nicely besides my other butterfly books. It’s beautifully illustrated. Looking forward to reading it.

Huge excitement “BB’s Butterflies” has arrived in post – just a quick look as its my birthday present but its beautiful :)

The butterfly book is a splendid volume. well done! A ‘flyer’ indeed!

What a delightful book ‘BB’s Butterflies’ is! All those quotes from his books and journalism, plus spectacular photos of iris and other butterflies … an extraordinarily satisfying read not just for lovers of BB and butterflies, but for anyone who likes beautiful and evocative illustrated books.