New ‘Life & Works of BB’ catalogue

Date posted: 30/07/2014

If you missed the recent week-long BB exhibition staged by the BB Society at Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire, why not treat yourself to a copy of the exhibition catalogue instead? 32 pages in full colour, ‘A celebration of The Life & Works …
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BB Society launches Short Story Competition

Date posted:

It’s 70 years this year since BB’s classic children’s adventure story Brendon Chase was first published. To celebrate BB and nature in general the BB Society has launched a Short Story Competition and is encouraging nature lovers and budding writers of …
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‘BB’ on Countryfile – 25 August 2014

Date posted:

Make sure you watch Countryfile on BBC One this August bank holiday. It will feature a number of BB-linked films celebrating 70 years since Brendon Chase was first published in 1944. BB Society secretary (and Roseworld MD) Bryan Holden was …
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BB-inspired Xmas present!

Date posted: 13/12/2013

    How do you like our fabulous BB- inspired Xmas present, complete with Purple Emperor butterflies and the cowslip? Made by talented BB Society member and Roseworld friend Yvonne Frogley. Thank you – the cushion now has pride of place …
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BB’s Butterflies – what you think!

Date posted: 11/12/2013

We’re getting some lovely comments about our new book ‘BB’s Butterflies’ which we wanted to share with you. Here’s a selection of the latest ones… A fascinating and delightful book – I look forward very much to reading it. - Sir …
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BB’s Butterflies review

Date posted: 12/11/2013

Have you seen the fantastic review about our new book ‘BB’s Butterflies’ from UK Butterflies? “Beautifully written, anecdote-rich, highly recommended!” Peter Eeles You can read the whole review here:  

Butterfly quiz – the answers

Date posted:

  We hope you enjoyed our fun quiz on butterflies. Here are the long-awaited answers! What is the main larval food plant of the Purple Emperor?  Sallow What is an imago? An adult butterfly What are sun-loving butterflies called? Thermophilics …
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How well do you know your butterflies?

Date posted: 21/10/2013

If like us you love butterflies, we thought you’d enjoy taking part in our latest fun quiz. Have a go at the following 20 questions – answers to follow later this week. What is the main larval food plant of the …
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Little Grey Men Quiz – the answers

Date posted: 09/10/2013

Here are the answers to our fun quiz about BB’s award winning children’s story The Little Grey Men, first published in 1942. 1. What are the names of the four gnomes? Baldmoney, Sneezewort, Cloudberry and  Dodder 2. What is a Bub’m? A …
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Nature Notes competition entries – Summer Morn

Date posted: 20/09/2013

We change seasons with this delightful poem from Peter Roebuck which describes the beginning of a perfect summer’s day. Summer Morn  The air is vibrant with the power of verdant growth, and yet an easy tranquility pervades the valley. A …
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Nature Notes competition entries – A close encounter of the Christmas card kind

Date posted: 18/09/2013

Many thanks to Alison Whitham for sharing her ‘moment of heaven’ in this lovely wintry tale. A close encounter of the Christmas card kind  Most weekday mornings, I have the enviable task of just walking to work, through Wilbraham wood, …
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Nature Notes competition entries – My Old Feathered Friends

Date posted: 16/09/2013

In this delightful blog, Marc Sanderson explains how even though he is a keen fisherman he has never lost his love for birds and birding. My Old Feathered Friends  While The Hornet’s Nest started life (a long, long time ago) as …
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Nature Notes competition entries – The Jordanian Blue

Date posted: 13/09/2013

Whilst we’re compiling the ‘Nature Notes’ e-book from our Top Ten selected stories, we wanted to share some of the other entries, so here goes. Here’s a fabulous piece of prose from Lena Walton. The Jordanian Blue  At first I …
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Nature Notes Competition Results!!!

Date posted: 03/09/2013

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our Nature Notes 2013 writing competition. The standard of the entries was excellent which is why it’s taken us some time to select the winners. But here we go… First prize Sally …
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The Little Grey Men Quiz

Date posted: 24/08/2013

How well do you know ‘The Little Grey Men’? You will know from a recent news item that we’ve just re-read BB’s award-winning children’s story ‘The Little Grey Men’ – an enchanting tale of the last four gnomes living in …
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Canals and the countryside

Date posted: 22/08/2013

Our waterways are alive with all kinds of wildlife, particularly in summer. Along with ducks and geese, kingfishers, butterflies, ladybirds and bees, you may even glimpse an occasional otter in shallow waters. A vintage record of a 400-mile voyage along …
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Our Birdfair 2013 Experience

Date posted: 20/08/2013

If you follow us on Twitter you’d have seen our post last Friday (16th) saying ‘on our way to Birdfair 2013 excited!!’ It was my first visit to the three-day show in Rutland which was celebrating 25 years this year, …
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New jigsaw puzzle coming soon

Date posted: 16/08/2013

Look out for the latest addition to our BB’s Collectables range of quality products, featuring BB’s own illustrations from his award-winning book ‘The Little Grey Men’ and its sequel ‘Down The Bright Stream’. ‘Dodder meets Sir Herne’ is the second …
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The Little Grey Men is a delight!

Date posted: 14/08/2013

We are thoroughly enjoying re-reading ‘The Little Grey Men’ – BB’s classic tale of the last four gnomes living in England, which was reprinted last year by Oxford University Press. If you’ve never read it, or like us, had it …
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New Butterfly Book for Christmas

Date posted: 07/08/2013

Like us, you must be enjoying seeing all the butterflies this year – what a difference some warm weather makes! BB loved butterflies too – in particular the Purple Emperor which will be on the wing in Northamptonshire woods as …
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‘Nature Notes’ Writing Competition

Date posted:

A big thank you to everyone who entered our ‘Nature Notes’ writing competition. We’ve had some great entries – a mixture of poems and prose – and are busy reading through them. Here are a few of the titles to …
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The BB Society’s ‘Creative Arts Award’ Winners 2013

Date posted: 03/06/2013

Congratulations to Brixworth Primary School in Northamptonshire, the winner of this year’s Creative Arts Award from The BB Society. The topic was ‘badgers’ to tie in with the reprint of one of BB’s Children’s books Bill Badger and the Wandering Wind. …
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Follow us on Twitter

Date posted: 12/04/2013

Roseworld now has an active Twitter account and we’d love you to join in the conversation! You’ll see we are tweeting about all things BB, as well as topical nature notes and observations. Just go to

Updated BB Society website

Date posted: 12/03/2013

The BB Society’s website now has a news section on the home page. Take a look here and keep an eye out for the latest news.
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Praise for BB’s 1922 Diary and Sketchbook

Date posted: 28/11/2012

BB’s Diary and Sketchbook 1922 is a cracking book. It makes fascinating reading. A quality volume, no doubt about it! Will you be publishing other ‘BB ‘ year diaries? I really hope so.
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BB Factfile

Date posted: 21/06/2012

Did you know that … The four gnomes Baldmoney, Sneezewort, Cloudberry and Dodder in BB’s prize-winning book The Little Grey Men are all named after British wild meadow flowers? The albino pinkfoot goose immortalised in Manka the Sky Gypsy is …
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‘Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ delights its readers

Date posted: 31/01/2012

Thank you to everyone who’s purchased a copy of BB’s ‘last’ book, ‘Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ – we’re delighted it’s been so well received. We would like to share with you a few of the plaudits we’ve received from …
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BB in the Daily Telegraph

Date posted: 14/11/2011

There was a great piece about BB by Mark Seddon in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 12th November, called Confessions of a lost voice in a lost world. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s well worth a read by …
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