Tales of a Foraging Bird

by James Holden

This enlightening 128 page paperback features a collection of diary excerpts, blogs, poems and personal reflections which tell of the author’s word-wide journeyings and search for meaning in the world around him.

His travels have taken him to some of the world’s great spiritual and natural realms – including Mt Sinai and Galapagos as well as The Gambia, Costa Rica, Mexico, New York, Atlanta and Australia’s outback – and as his writings show it is often through animal and bird encounters that he finds a sense of peace and understanding.

At the request of the author all sales will be allocated to a special fund held by the African Oyster Trust (registered charity number: 1118298) so that they can fund a clinic in the town of Kartong in The Gambia. It is hoped that this will not only help the people of Kartong, but also play an important role in helping to save the wonderful watery paradise (an annual stop-over for thousands of migratory birds) that surrounds the Kartong Bird Observatory mentioned in the book.

Price: £15.00 (inc. postage and packing)