Faxton – The Lost Village

by Bryan Holden

For almost one thousand years the Northamptonshire village of Faxton was a thriving rural community.

At its zenith it supported a population of around 100 souls.

Bryan Holden tells the story of the village and the lives of its inhabitants in a well-researched and, at times, emotive manner, supported by an abundance of vintage photographs and comments and insights from some of the former villagers.

The story of Faxton is set against a colourful historical tapestry.

  • The Black Death that almost wiped out the entire village
  • Royalist troops over-nighting before the ill-starred battle of Naseby
  • The murder of Judge Nicholls, assizes judge and Lord of the Manor of Faxton
  • Tales of ghostly encounters; Cows that rang the church bells; the antics of the eccentric parson, father of Denys Watkins-Pitchford (aka ‘BB’) the celebrated author and illustrator

Today, a single standing stone, with a brief inscription, marks the spot where once stood the quaint old church of St Denys. Fields of corn sprout between myriad shards of brick and tile that litter the grounds – the flotsam and jetsam of a lost world.

Faxton – The Lost Village is limited to just 950 clothbound copies. All copies numbered and signed by the author.

Price: £9.95 (inc. postage and packing)