Confessions of a Coastal Gunner

by ‘BB’ – Denys Watkins-Pitchford

BB’s eagerly sought-after ‘last’ book.

Completed just three months before his death in 1990. A vivid reminiscence of BB’s wildfowling adventures on The Wash, The Solway Firth, Holy Island and other parts of England’s far north and Scotland.

Featuring legendary wildfowling companions: Arthur Cadman, Douglas MacDougall, Major Charles Oakey, Tom Nott and Bill Humphreys.

Stories of faithful gundogs. Cooking ‘Oystercock’ suppers! BB’s first encounter with ‘Manka’ the albino goose, star of his classic tale Manka the Sky Gypsy.

Generously illustrated throughout with BB’s distinctive scraperboard illustrations.

Foreword by Ray ‘Badger’ Walker to whom the book is dedicated.

Price: £25.00 (inc. postage and packing)